Nasty Little Parasites - An Update on Deworming

Nasty Little Parasites - An Update on Deworming


The staff of Burwash Equine Services, Ltd. enjoyed an evening of education last night courtesy of Vetoquinol and Dr. Ela Misuno.  Dr. Misuno is a board certified internist with an interest in parasitology and the problem of emerging resistance in this field.  She gave a fantastic presentation with all of the latest updates and recommendations for deworming our equine friends.  I have summarized her recommendations below.

P.R.E. Mundial Registry Certification

Dr. Alyssa Butters has completed her certification as an authorized P.R.E. inscription veterinarian for the P.R.E. Mundial Registry of the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse/PREA.

She becomes one of only 3 veterinarians in Alberta able to complete the P.R.E. Mundial pre-inscription documents for identification of P.R.E. horses, and one of only 6 in Canada.

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