Dr. Kirby Penttila has developed a particular interest in podiatry and has spent the last several years integrating new techniques in imaging to allow adjustments to the biomechanics of the foot in order to improve comfort in horses with many challenging disorders affecting the foot.  These techniques have proven to be very helpful for horses with laminitis, underrun heels, osteoarthritis of the distal and proximal interphalangeal joints, club feet, and caudal heel pain.  Imaging techniques offered include interpretation of low-beam podiatry radiographs and incorporation of venograms into case management of patients affected with laminitis.  Depending on the condition affecting the horse, shoeing options include modified ultimates, rocker rail shoes, full rocker motion shoes, positive pressure frog support, or traditional farriery methods incorporating various shoes and pads.  We work cooperatively with many farriers in the area, but Kirk Shaw of Equine Unlimited plays an important role in jointly formulating and implementing a treatment plan for most of our more challenging cases.  Please don't hesitate to call if you'd like to discuss a particular case that you feel might benefit from expertise in this field.

Laminitis Venogram.jpg