Internal Medicine

Internal medicine services including thoracic and abdominal ultrasound and upper airway endoscopy are readily available.  In-house blood analyzers and quantitative fecal egg counts are also available.  In addition, thanks to our agreement with the Distributed Veterinary Learning Community of the University of Calgary's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, we have access to consultation with board-certified internal medicine specialist Dr. Marie-France Roy for those especially challenging cases. Gastroscopy, cystoscopy, bronchoscopy, and dynamic endoscopy are also available on a consultation basis.

If admitted, patients can be monitored 24/7 via video surveillance.  Our new facility, includes two isolation stalls, facilitating hospitalization of infectious cases. We are very proud of the design of these stalls. They each have a dedicated ante-chamber and a dedicated equine entrance door to maximize biosecurity. Each stall also features a large window to the main barn aisle to aid in the highest quality of care in addition to promoting the patient's mental wellness.

If you have a case that you are considering referring, give us a call to chat about options and quotes.