Embryo Transfer

Our embryo transfer program includes synchronizing the donor and recipients, breeding the donor, collecting the embryo, and depositing it into the suitable recipient. Packages are available but vary widely depending on the level of management required for the individual mare. If an owner does not currently have recipients, we will assist the owner in finding suitable mares. We prefer recipients to be proven broodmares of less than 12 years, with no history of reproductive problems, and tolerable ground manners.

Stallion Semen Cryopreservation

We carry an extensive collection of semen extenders, and strongly encourage owners to have us perform a “test freeze” prior to beginning commercial freezing. At each collection we also perform a complete semen evaluation, including concentration, progressive motility, and morphology. From those parameters, we can then determine the number of PMMN (progressively motile, morphologically normal) spermatozoa in the sample. From this number, we can accurately compute the best number of straws per breeding dose, which will optimize the fertility of the stallion, and the production cost per breeding dose. After cryopreservation, a test straw from each batch is then thawed and evaluated to determine the post-thaw motility, which also helps to determine insemination value, and confirm that minimum commercial standards are being met. We are qualified for processing of semen for export to both Australia and the European Union.

Breeding Soundness Examinations

Both stallion and mare breeding soundness examinations follow the guidelines set out by the society of theriogenology.

Stallion Phantom Training

Stallion handling can be a challenge in and of itself, but our training techniques are focused on making the breeding shed a safe environment for everyone.

Mare Foaling Services

Mares are monitored closely using both video monitoring and Foalert technology. When the mare is in clinic, 24 hour onsite technician monitoring as well as onsite veterinary assistance is available. Post foaling care includes complete examination of mare, foal, and placenta. As of summer 2018, we will also be able to offer caesarian surgery in clinic.

Mare Management

We provide the full range of mare reproductive services, for mares of both normal and lower fertility. When a mare is presented for breeding management, she is checked ultrasonographically to determine at what stage in her cycle she is at. From there, we formulate a plan for timing her ovulation date to coincide with semen availability. Often, we recommend that the mare is admitted to the clinic to allow daily monitoring as needed, but it can be arranged for the mare to be hauled in for her checks if she is in training. All in-coming semen is fully evaluated prior to insemination. We are able to provide reproductive techniques including transrectal ultrasound, deep horn artificial insemination, uterine lavage/infusions, uterine biopsy, and uterine cytology.

Stallion Collection and Processing for Shipment

Stallions who present to the clinic for collection and processing for shipment are recommended to be test-cooled in different cooling extenders that are evaluated at varying lengths of time prior to commercial shipments being sent. The stallion is handled by in clinic staff. Both Missouri and Colorado style AVs are available, as well as estrogenized tease mares. An adjustable phantom is used for collections. Full evaluations of each collection are performed prior to shipment, so that only adequate commercial doses meeting minimum quality standards are shipped. A high speed centrifuge is used to concentrate dilute samples as necessary. We currently ship to both Canada and the United States.

If you would like more information on any of the services we provide, please do not hesitate to email: office@burwashequine.ca or call 403-242-1913.