Our new facility features a full surgery suite with a client observation area as well as a monorail hoist system and modern induction and recovery rooms that allow routine rope recovery to keep our patients as safe and comfortable as possible. We are well equipped to perform colic surgery, general soft tissue and orthopedic procedures, and arthroscopic and laparoscopic surgery. Dr. Crystal Lee is a board-certified surgeon through the American College of Veterinary Surgeons; give her a call to discuss what might be possible for your horse surgically.


We are very thankful to the staff at Burwash Equine for their hard work and dedication that saved our cutting horse mare (Billy) from a dangerous colic. We came in after hours (of course!) and were greeted by Dr. Kirby and two other staff members that immediately began to diagnose Billy and work to relieve her stress. They were very straightforward and honest about what we were dealing with and looked for the best solution. Unfortunately we had to go to surgery but we were confident that Dr. Kirby and Dr. Crystal would do everything they could to save the horse. They left a message after a very late night of surgery telling us Billy had come through it with flying colours and was  in recovery. She responded very well to the surgery and after a couple of days was able to be taken off her IV’s. The new facility is extremely well equipped and the entire staff took excellent care of Billy. She was able to come home after 6 days and is on her war to a full recovery. We have nothing but praise for how the event was handled and while we were very worried how this would play out, the high standard of care and very skilled and caring staff ensured that Billy will be cutting again next Spring. We are extremely grateful and will recommend Burwash Equine to everyone we know! 

Kindest regards,

Bob & Patty Lee….and Billy!