Sorting Through Supplements - how to tell if the supplement is worth buying

The world of equine feed supplements can be confusing and overwhelming. The shelves of any tack or feed store are lined with as many different supplements as there are breeds of horses and it often seems like the cost for the “same” supplement can vary greatly. So how do you know you are buying the supplement you actually want? And do you really “get what you pay for” in the world of horse supplements?

There is no true regulation in the world of horse supplements. The ingredient list on the tub is what the manufacturer wants you to believe is in the supplement, but there is nothing to enforce that a supplement contains what it claims to contain.

NN Supplements.JPG

However, a new voluntary regulatory system is in place for some equine feed supplements, to which most veterinary brands of supplements are adhering. In order to determine if the supplement adheres to the regulations, look for an NN number. Brands such as Equistro, by Vetoquinol, adhere to this regulatory system and undergo rigorous testing to ensure that the feed supplement truly does contain what it claims to contain. You can rest assured that if you are purchasing a supplement with an NN number, the product has been proven to be safe, effective, and you are actually getting what you paid for!


Your veterinarian will also often be able to recommend a supplement for your horse’s specific case with which they have seen success. And in the world of equine feed supplements, you often do “get what you pay for”.