Internal Medicine

We carry digital ultrasound equipment and digital radiographic equipment to evaluate the lungs and abdomen on the sick horse. We also have access to board certified equine internists through the University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine. With the opening of our new facility, our hospital includes two full isolation stalls for infectious cases, with windows into the main barn aisle and dedicated outside entrances.

Examination and treatment for:

  • Infectious and contagious Disease

  • Gastrointestinal conditions eg. Colic, Stomach ulcers

  • Respiratory conditions eg. Strangles, Flu, heaves, pneumonia

  • Muscle Disorders eg, “Tying-up”, HYPP

  • Metabolic disorders eg. Cushings Disease

  • Neurological Disorders eg. wobblers

  • Cardiovascular Disease eg. Heart murmurs

  • Urinary Problems