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Stallion Semen Freezing

Stallion Semen Freezing

We can start freezing a stallion’s semen as soon as he is sexually mature. For most horses this is any time after 4 years old, but some horses mature earlier or later than others. If your horse is not mature at the time of collection we will be able to see signs of immaturity when examining the sample under the microscope.

It is important to know that every stallion freezes differently, and freezes better in different agents. There are a variety to choose from, and so before performing a commercial freeze, a collection will be “test frozen” with a variety of different agents in order to determine the best agent for your stallion.

P.R.E. Mundial Registry Certification

Dr. Alyssa Butters has completed her certification as an authorized P.R.E. inscription veterinarian for the P.R.E. Mundial Registry of the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse/PREA.

She becomes one of only 3 veterinarians in Alberta able to complete the P.R.E. Mundial pre-inscription documents for identification of P.R.E. horses, and one of only 6 in Canada.

To learn more about the Pure Spanish Horse: http://www.prehorse.org

Parasite Control Recommendations

Parasite Control Recommendations

Parasite control needs to be tailored to your horse’s specific needs, taking into consideration age, immune status/individual susceptibility, time of year, and management practices.  The following are basic recommendations that can be further tailored to suit your horse’s specific needs.

MATURE HORSES (>3 years old)

  • Small strongyles (cyathostomins) are the main parasite of mature horses, and these parasites are developing resistance to commonly used dewormers.

  • Horses vary in their susceptibility to small strongyles, and can be classified as Low, Medium, or High shedders based on fecal egg counts (FECs).