If you need to arrange transport for a deceased horse, the options in Alberta are:

JUST PASSING Horse Transport and Bereavement Services can be reached by phone or text at 403-680-4177. More information on this important and compassionate service is available at www.justpassinghorses.ca. Horses are taken for burial; they may also be transported for cremation if separate agreement with the Humane Society is made as separate fees apply.

Alberta Processors is available during business hours only at 403-279-4441.


If you are interested in having a horse hair keepsake made, there is a company called Verstara in northern Alberta that does amazing work. They are able to create custom bracelets, keychains, hat bands, and other jewelry. Information is available at www.verstara.com

Cremation services are available through the Calgary Humane Society. Several options are available, depending on whether all ashes are returned and whether an urn is requested.  Information on this service is available at www.calgaryhumane.ca.