Wellness Plans

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Burwash Equine Services is proud to announce the addition of Wellness Plans to our list of services!  These greatly anticipated plans were designed with our clients’ needs in mind and we hope that you will find them helpful in keeping your beloved horses healthy.  The concept behind these plans is that once you subscribe to a plan, your horse will receive an entire package of services over the course of the year.  Our goal is to help ease the expenses that are encountered by many of our clients at certain times of the year, by spreading it out into smaller monthly payments.  Considering the current economic conditions, we trust you will find this is a good option!

Available wellness plans include The Mighty Comrade (pleasure horse plan), The Golden Oldie (senior horse plan), The Next Generation (mare and foal plan), and the Bronze, Silver and Gold Olympian plans (basic, intermediate and advanced athlete plans).  Each package includes a specified set of services that will be provided over the course of a year – please contact the clinic for additional details!

The Mighty Comrade
This Pleasure Horse Plan was designed with our most common patient in mind.  It includes the basic services that all horses should receive on an annual basis.  Included in this plan are 2 fecal egg counts (typically performed in spring and summer), an annual dental exam and powerfloat, sheath cleaning if necessary (combined with exam or float), and annual vaccinations (6-way and Strangles).

The Golden Oldie
Our Senior Horse Plan was devised to promote optimum health in our aged equine friends.  Services included in this plan are an annual physical exam with body condition scoring and a nutrition consultation (10 minute discussion), a dental exam and powerfloat, annual sheath cleaning if necessary (combined with exam or PF), 2 fecal egg counts (typically performed in spring and summer), annual vaccinations (6 way and Strangles), annual screening bloodwork, and an Equine Metabolic Syndrome/Cushing’s disease diagnostic plan.  Also included with this plan are unlimited in clinic quality of life exams.

The Next Generation
This Mare & Foal Plan is a great option for those who are anxiously awaiting the next precious addition to their herd.  Services included in this plan are a full series of rhinopneumonitis vaccinations for the pregnant mare (at 5, 7, and 9 months of gestation), a pre-foaling examination of the mare including pre-foaling vaccinations (3 way + West Nile Virus), pre-foaling deworming, and an examination of the mare & foal post-partum (typically at 18-24 hours of age), including a SNAP test of the foal to ensure adequate passive transfer of immunity from the mare through her colostrum.  Also included in this package are foal dewormings (at 2, 4, 6, 7 and 10 months) and weanling vaccinations (3 way and flu/rhino at 6 and 7 months).  These visits are an ideal way to monitor the health of your foal and to ensure that their development is optimal.

The Olympians
These Equine Athlete Plans have been divided into three categories to take into account athletes at various levels of training.
Our first, and most basic, athlete plan is the Bronze Athlete Plan.  This plan includes those basic services that each equine athlete requires to perform at its best.  This package includes an annual dental exam and power floating with sheath cleaning if necessary, 2 fecal egg counts (typically performed in spring and summer), and annual performance horse vaccinations (3 way + West Nile Virus, Flu/Rhino, and Strangles).  This plan also includes an annual soundness check as an aid in ensuring your horse is fit for competition and there are no underlying concerns.
The next athlete plan available is the Silver Athlete Plan that offers an intermediate range of services for the equine athlete.  Services include those listed in Bronze package above with addition of intravenous Hyaluronic Acid administered 4 times per year and twice yearly Flu/Rhino vaccination.
Our Premium Athlete Package is our most comprehensive plan.  The Gold Athlete Plan has been tailored to cater to the elite equine athlete and includes those services listed in the bronze and silver packages above with the addition of an annual gastroscopy to monitor for evidence of gastric ulceration, shoeing survey films of the front feet to aid the farrier, and an annual inertial motion sensing gait analysis combined with the annual soundness check.  Those of you vying for top spots in your respective fields know how important it is that your horse is feeling at its best and this plan is your best bet for ensuring they are.

At Burwash Equine Services, we are committed to ensuring optimum health and wellness in our clients' horses, be they athletes at their peak, old friends, or new additions.  We hope that these plans will offer a welcome addition to the options available to maintain your horses' health and optimize their performance.  We hope that these plans are a beneficial contribution to helping our clients maintain that health and optimize performance.  If any of these plans interest you, please don’t hesitate to contact the clinic for details and to get your horses enrolled!